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Duro of Sweden Wallpaper By Innobo Inc.
INNOBO INC. brings beautiful Swedish wallpaper to the US. Duro wallpaper is renowned in Scandinavia and Europe for its distinctive designs and unsurpassed quality. A family owned company from Gävle, Sweden, Duro was founded in 1930 and is the leading Swedish wallpaper brand. Three of the Duro Collections have just been launched in the United States and are now available at select retailers and through interior designers. The wallpaper is stocked in the US and can be delivered to clients within days. For more information and the full collections visit us at Duro offers the best of both classic and contemporary Scandinavian design. Duro has meticulously recreated scraps of timeless patterns found in manor houses and castles throughout Sweden to produce a stunning and extensive collection of classic historical designs from many different eras for its Gammalsvenska Collection which is sought out by owners of period homes and buildings, including the Royal Court of Sweden. On the contemporary side, Duro commissioned top Swedish artists such as Sigvard Bernadotte and Viola Gråsten to create the early designs of the company and later, 10- gruppen, Inez Svensson and Chiqui Mattson to create the fresh, contemporary style appreciated by European audiences. Duro continues to work with top Scandinavian designers like Betty Svensson, Heli Parkkila and Ulla Gustavsson. UNPARALLELED CRAFTSMANSHIP AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Duro’s traditional surface printing technique uses 10 times more ink than other printing methods to achieve a rich application of color for a vibrant, hand printed look. The wallpaper is extremely durable, lightfast and washable and is environmentally friendly. Duro has eliminated all harmful PVCs, and uses its own superior water-based inks and solvent-free coatings. LONG RECOGNIZED AS A LEADER IN THE INTERIOR DESIGN INDUSTRY: Since 1946, the Royal Court of Sweden has continuously appointed Duro to a select group of Swedish companies given the seal of Purveyor to the Royal Court. With this distinction, Duro wallpaper is used in the Royal residences and official buildings. The continuing recognition by the Royal Family attests to the quality, craftsmanship and durability of the Duro brand. DURO IN THE USA: Based in the Northeast, Innobo Inc. stocks wallpaper from three initial collections of the Duro line for immediate shipment. Complete shipments can be made the next business day ensuring that projects can be completed on a client’s timetable.