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How customer experience and company culture are linked at Interior Define

podcast | June 8, 2018
If there’s one thing Rob Royer does religiously, it’s check his company’s NPS, or Net Promoter Score for those who didn’t major in marketing. It’s a numerical rating used to gauge customer satisfaction and loyalty. For a company that’s founded on the value of customer experience, like Royer’s cu... By Melissa Studach

Is the home world now where fashion was in the 1960s?

podcast | June 1, 2018
For this week’s Business of Home Podcast, we revisit an interview we recorded in 2013 by Bunny Williams with the late, great Oscar de la Renta at the Design Leadership Network’s annual summit. Oscar de la Renta and Bunny Williams at the Design Leadership Summit in 2014. Photo by Editor at... By Staff

This Swedish designer’s concept might be the next IKEA

podcast | May 25, 2018
After working as an interior designer for several years, Petrus Palmér, co-founder and CEO of Hem, saw that the furniture business model, from distribution to pricing, was outdated. He set out to develop a modern furniture company built with sustainability, pricing transparency and direct-to-con... By Melissa Studach

Meet Jean Brownhill, the endearing architect behind Sweeten

podcast | May 18, 2018
“Serena in her prime.” That’s how Jean Brownhill, founder and CEO of contractor referral service Sweeten, describes the current state of her company. Since launching in 2011, the digital company has grown to facilitate nearly $1 billion in services with the support of more than $8 million in ven... By Melissa Studach

How Holly Hunt sustained success

podcast | May 11, 2018
Holly Hunt, founder and CEO of her eponymous multi-line showroom and home brand, is today known for her business acumen—the designer sold Holly Hunt Enterprises to Knoll for $95 million, in cash, back in 2014. But in her latest Business of Home podcast, she tells host Dennis Scully that, in her ... By Katy B. Olson

How Maxwell Ryan won with millennials

podcast | May 4, 2018
Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan intentionally keeps a distance from the world of aspirational, high-end design. “Most people want homes that are juicy, lived-in and accessible,” he says on the latest Business of Home podcast. He says readers want to feel a sense of excitement and think, I... By Taylor Barker

A new era for trade showrooms

podcast | April 27, 2018
Crans Baldwin is a fixer. During his three-decade tenure in the design industry, he was hired by to-the-trade companies to identify problems, find solutions and execute with precision. His track record of building companies and making them profitable (Baker, Donghia, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittm... By Staff

Why direct-to-consumer is the future of furniture

podcast | April 20, 2018
Applying the direct-to-consumer model (think Warby Parker) to the home furnishings industry, Maiden Home delivers what it claims is a $6,000 sofa for just $2,000 by cutting out the middleman—and not just the retailer. With experience earned at McKinsey & Company, Google and Birchbox, Maiden ... By Taylor Barker

A modern turnaround story

podcast | April 13, 2018
There’s no bigger champion of modern design than John Edelman, whose life story is perfectly scripted for his current role as Design Within Reach president and CEO. Rivaling his passion for furniture is his knack for business, which has been a succession of turnaround stories—most recently in hi... By Taylor Barker

Are we ready for ‘To the Trade 2.0’?

podcast | April 6, 2018
Transparency is key to the preservation of the interior design trade, according to Maury Riad, CEO and co-founder of Fuigo. He also runs the heritage Italian fabric company Fortuny, which his family purchased over 35 years ago. His vision for the industry, which he calls “To the Trade 2.0,” invo... By Taylor Barker
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