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A modern turnaround story

podcast | April 13, 2018
There’s no bigger champion of modern design than John Edelman, whose life story is perfectly scripted for his current role as Design Within Reach president and CEO. Rivaling his passion for furniture is his knack for business, which has been a succession of turnaround stories—most recently in hi... By Taylor Barker

Are we ready for ‘To the Trade 2.0’?

podcast | April 6, 2018
Transparency is key to the preservation of the interior design trade, according to Maury Riad, CEO and co-founder of Fuigo. He also runs the heritage Italian fabric company Fortuny, which his family purchased over 35 years ago. His vision for the industry, which he calls “To the Trade 2.0,” invo... By Taylor Barker

How Consort plans to scale the boutique design experience

podcast | March 29, 2018
Mat Sanders may have gotten his sea legs by designing a 250-square-foot New York City apartment—which he describes as a cross between Ralph Lauren and PeeWee’s Playhouse—but his trajectory in the design world has been anything but small. Mat Sanders After a rapid climb up the edito... By Taylor Barker

This entrepreneur is leading the ‘fast custom’ wave

podcast | March 23, 2018
With her new furniture brand, The Inside, Christiane Lemieux is aiming to accomplish a lot: quality and custom, but also fast and cheap. “I am a startup person,” she tells Dennis Scully on the latest episode of the Business of Home podcast. “You learn what kind of an entrepreneur you are, and I ... By Taylor Barker

The true story of Domino, as told by Beth Brenner

podcast | March 19, 2018
When the Domino brand was licensed and re-launched in October 2013 by a group of investors, its renaissance was met with rapt enthusiasm. But the new version did not have the same luxuries as the original: big budgets for elaborate photo shoots and splashy parties, or seven years of runway to tu...

How Homepolish is redefining interior design

podcast | March 16, 2018
Homepolish is freeing designers to be designers. In the process, the interior design service is simultaneously demystifying the process of hiring a designer and championing design professionals. On this week’s Business of Home podcast, Homepolish co-founder Noa Santos explains how his company ha...
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