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How new furniture brands are bringing the fast-fashion ethos into the home

business of home | December 22, 2017
With the advent of fast fashion, clothing became on-trend, affordable—and ultimately disposable. Now, a new breed of quick-ship ventures is using that same model to upend the furniture industry. Fast furniture is a relatively recent phenomenon—a late-20th-century exercise in encouraging consu... By Jorge S. Arango

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business of home | December 15, 2017
Scroll through the season’s notable design moments. Contemplative Craft @march.sf Joshua Vogel in the studio preparing for an exhibit of sculptural works @soanebritain Soane Britain’s Daisy hanging light takes 40 hours to handweave Pets of Design @tommymitchellco Tommy Mi... By Staff


business of home | December 15, 2017
This just in: The season’s newest showrooms and storefronts. Pop-up Party A host of brands have hit Lower Manhattan with unique, limited-time-only retail experiences. Following its beloved Sag Harbor pop-up, Chicago–based Jayson Home has set up shop in SoHo for a nine-month stay. The te... By Staff

Chef-approved appliances are a #bfd at KBIS this year

business of home | December 15, 2017
Professional-grade kitchen appliances are a #bfd at this year's bigger-than-ever Kitchen & Bath Industry show. We’re all amateur chefs these days, DVR’ing our go-to cooking shows and Instagramming our favorite foodie fare. So it’s little wonder that restaurant-grade kitchen appliances are... By Staff

Designers debate: Gallery wall or statement piece?

business of home | December 15, 2017
Robert Stilin and Shawn Henderson (friends and office neighbors with studios down the hall from one another) duke it out on how to live with the art they love—layered, salon-style gallery walls or singular statement pieces. Robert Stilin; Shawn Henderson Robert Stilin, Robert Stili... By Staff

The Scoop: Top Stories of the Season

business of home | December 15, 2017
The juiciest bites from the Editor at Large news desk from new funding for online ventures to designers making good on a podcast host’s alleged theft. Margaret Russell 1 | Design schools tap industry leaders In the newly created role at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Gal... By Staff

Apprenticeship programs nurture the next generation of artisans

business of home | December 15, 2017
Without new workers rising through the ranks, craft would be in crisis. Companies making handcrafted home furnishings are leading the way in shaping the next generation. “When we started, no one aspired to this kind of work,” says Dave Dawson, the founder and president of Charleston, South Ca... By Kaitlin Petersen

Why brands are returning to “Made in America” manufacturing

business of home | December 15, 2017
Manufacturing is slowing being re-shored to the United States. As production costs rise abroad, the allure of “Made in America” grows. Jonathan Bass shook hands with some 1,700 people at Badgley Mischka Home’s high-gloss booth at High Point Market this past October. And they all had the same ... By Katy B. Olson

Four communities putting the handmade back on the map

business of home | December 15, 2017
Small-batch everything is having a moment. It’s happening in food, fashion—and home furnishings. Artisans in four places where craft is flourishing today share what it means to commit to making things the old-fashioned way.  Clockwise from top left: Eggshell finishes on display at DLV Des... By Mieke ten Have

Tiny heirlooms: Furniture for kids that they’ll never outgrow

business of home | December 15, 2017
The new kid’s room is as unique, bright, and imaginative as the child it’s made for—a fitting upgrade for modern families. Good children’s design is more than simply scaling down “grown-up” furniture. There are size, material and functionality requirements to consider—food will be spilled, ki... By Taylor Barker
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